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    Welcome to our new and revised website!

    Through the years DU Media Design, a division of Digital Underground, has been providing web and print design for our clients throughout the Quinte region.

    We have clients across the province and have provided tools and software that is being used around the world in commercial applications including businesses, car dealerships, real estate agencies, magazines, blogs, and more.

    What makes us different from our competitors? We provide both aesthetically pleasing design but we also provide highly functional and well programmed designs that are smooth, efficient, and downright cool.

    Why Retro?

    One question you may have is: why the retro design? Well, we love modern but classical design and before we redesigned our website and logo we sat down and over several pots of coffee we put together a list of words to define ourselves with and then proceeded to decide what we “wanted” to look like.

    We took a look through our influences and found a lot of examples of 50’s and 60’s design, art deco and avant garde, and grassroots and grungy influences – stuff that interests us! We though that if we’re going to build a website for ourselves it should be what we want not what other people expected so we went ahead and did it our way.

    Was It Easy to Design for Yourself?

    NO! We are the worst to design for. Every color and image and design choice was agonized over and redone over and over again before we finally found a combination we were happy with!

    Do You Like It?

    WE LOVE IT! We’re an eclectic bunch with lots of artistic and aesthetic influences and lots of sources of inspiration swirling around us. We’re Digital Underground and we wanted to show that in our design and our presence by showing what gets us excited and worked up and enthusiastic in the same way we encourage our clients to look towards their print and web design as things that need to get them excited to do.

    We’re passionate about what we do and we wanted to make sure it showed!


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