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    We are happy to announce that the Trinity Fire & Security website is now live! With such positive feedback over the last few weeks, we thought we’d share the finished look and why the site was designed this way.

    Using the bold red and yellow within the Trinity logo, we added a neutral palette of grays to bring the information together. The red and yellow tones are common within the fire and security industry as they promote the following feelings: trust, reliability, strength, energy, danger, protection, action, and caution.

    With that said, overuse of either color can evoke anger or distress. Yellow is often the first color seen by the human eye which is why it is used with black in caution signs. People who are blind to other colors can usually still see yellow.

    When creating a website with such a strong color palette, it was important to use the colors to highlight information and move the viewer’s eye around the page. To make sure a website that uses multiple gray tones is still engaging; we added a color slide show, accordion information menus, fire fact rotator, and other interactive features. This will engage a viewer enticing them to read more and stay on the site longer.

    The Trinity website can expand on services and testimonials at any time. Eventually, the website will have a portfolio or products and a multi-lingual homepage.
    Trinity Fire & Security is a great example of a website that is polished and attention grabbing without being aggressive.

    Have you ever thought about what color means to your business and your clients?


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